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The Richest YouTube Stars

With the increasing desire to become Internet famous, many people wonder what exactly the YouTube stars are earning today. The figures are actually quite astonishing; however, millions of people generate billions of views for these video hosts, so the potential for a substantial income is high. Most YouTube channels have various methods of creating revenue. The most significant money maker is advertising; this video sharing site is owned by Google, so users can apply AdSense to their videos to earn that extra income. Many people, especially the ones receiving millions of views, opt for this service. They also sell merchandise, … Read More

Top 10 YouTube Cooking Channels In 2014

YouTube is the largest video sharing website on the Internet; therefore, tons of people post helpful videos, particularly for cooking. Many people have troubles creating flavorful dishes fast, so the resourcefulness of the step by step videos is an amazingly helpful source of information.

YouTube Chefs

These channels focus primarily on preparing and cooking food, and they are also quite popular. Each one has some unique feature that no other show replicates. If you enjoy humor or want a more serious opinion, there is definitely a YouTube cooking channel that suits your personality.

1. Epic Meal Time

While their channel … Read More

The Most Popular YouTubers in 2014

YouTube subscribers are still going strong, and the more than 1 billion users who log on each day have catapulted several YouTubers to Internet stardom. While there are many YouTube channels, there are a select few users that have risen to the top in 2014. The following is a list of the top 5 most influential YouTubers in 2014.

# 5 – DisneyCarToys

The number 5 spot on our list of the most influential YouTubers is DisneyCarToys, who comes in at 700,616 subscribers. This film channel currently has 1,010 uploaded videos, with a whopping 823,638,223 views total.  This YouTuber provides … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

The wonderful world of online marketing, such as social media, paid search and SEO for Los Angeles, New York or any other major cities’ business owners is incredibly dense and often times problematic. Many people look at web marketing as part of this great bit ‘get rich quick’ world and idiom that is simply untrue. Excellent online marketing takes a lot of focus, a lot of motivation, and a whole lot of patience. This idea that you can rule your industry in a matter of weeks may have been more realistic a decade prior, but the web landscape has … Read More

Can User-Gen Video and Ads Just Get Along?

Even though user-generated video accounts for some 40% of online video views and is expected to grow to more than half of all views by 2010, it’s downright inconceivable that a proportionate share of advertising revenue will accompany the shift.

Advertisers are still hooked on the predictability of conventional programming, even though that same predictability is attracting ever fewer eyeballs relative to u-gen video.

Marketers can spend (or withhold) their advertising dollars however they wish, but sooner or later, someone on Madison Avenue is going to wake up and recognize that in this reluctance is a missed opportunity.

Nature abhors … Read More

Hollywood, We’ve Got A Problem

Here’s a finding that literally could turn both the network revenue model and the outlook for advertising on user-generated video sites on their heads:

A new VideoCensus report from Nielsen finds that men 18-34 “… are two-and-a-half times more likely to watch video from the top consumer-generated media Web sites — YouTube, MySpace, Veoh, and” than are women in the same age group, as reported by Elinor Mills at CNET.

Women 18-34, meanwhile, were almost twice as likely to watch video on network TV sites.

Hollywood, we’ve got a problem. Network television’s main target is men in this … Read More

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